S. Weir Mitchell

Franklin Inn Club Founder
Club hours
The Franklin Inn Club is open to members from 10am to 5 pm Monday through Friday, closed July and August, and the week between Christmas an New Year’s day.
Guests may visit the clubhouse by pre-arrangement with a member.
Benjamin franklin
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Past and present meet with happy results at the Franklin Inn Club, where members gather in an historic setting for lively discussion of current issues and for a regular, relevant program of presentations by outstanding representatives of the arts, sciences, law, and journalism in Philadelphia. If he could step into the 21st century, Ben Franklin would feel right at home here, recognizing the spirit of his Junto. His ideal was a cordial gathering of diverse minds united in the pursuit of useful ideas and the lively exchange of views.

Current and former members are invited to visit the Clubhouse for regular club events, and we welcome new members (use the Contact Us tab above, or call the Clubhouse at 215-732-0334). We welcome all inquiries.

Our Mission Statement:

      The Franklin Inn Club has played a role in the cultural life of Philadelphia for more than a century.  The Club promotes conversation among its members and guests about local, national and international events and cultural matters.  Through its programming – members, guests and outside speakers with expertise in the arts, sciences, history and contemporary affairs – present current events, cultural topics and other matters for its members to discuss. There are always occasions to converse informally among Innmates.



regular CLUB events

Lunch is served every weekday, except for Post Office holidays, and the week after Christmas. Weekly lunch programs include Thursday Roundtable Luncheons featuring a guest discussion leader and Monday Quarterback Luncheons, where a Club member (or Innmate) moderates a lively conversation on current news topics.  There are also Evening Roundtable Dinners based on the Thursday lunch model, occasional Significant Issues Events featuring discussions based on timely reading material and a new Theater-in-Residence program with the Philadelphia Artist’ Collective (PAC), hearkening back to the early days when our founding members wrote and produced their own plays.

There are at least two monthly dinners. At one, between cocktails and dinner, a member or guest speaks on a topic of interest. Occasional informal after-work events include wine tastings, exceptional film nights and cocktail receptions. Because these events are well attended, reservations are required for every meal, to be made two days in advance.

    Two highlights of the Franklin Inn calendar are the Club annual celebrations. The Holiday Luncheon is held a week or so before Christmas and always features readings or presentations by Inn members. The Club annual dinner is known as the J. William White Dinner, in honor of the distinguished medical doctor (and duelist) whose bequest once paid for the meal. The J. William White Dinner is held as near Benjamin Franklin’s birthday (January 17th) as possible, and is preceded by the Club annual business meeting and a cocktail reception. During the dinner, three traditional champagne toasts are raised: one to Benjamin Franklin; one to the Inn’s first President, S. Weir Mitchell; and one to the colorful Dr. White. Along with the art of conversation, that of toasting is still practiced and esteemed at the Inn.