We offer more than a hundred intellectually stimulating and personally enriching programs each year.


Monday Quarterback luncheons – a 20-20 hindsight of the previous weeks’ editorials and news topics – arranged by Alina Macneal and hosted by a rotation of members 12:30pm-1:45pm.

Thursday Roundtable lunch: guest speakers present a wide range of topics, followed by discussion: 12:30pm-1:45pm. (every other week)

Past Recorded Events:

Recent events with recordings are listed below. Click on Play Event to view. To see Closed Captions, move your cursor to the lower right corner of the video to see available options, click on the “cc” icon, and then click on the “English (auto-generated) cc” option in the pop-up menu. To view other event recordings, beginning with October 2020, scroll down to Current Events, click on a month and scroll down to the event of interest.

November 18 – Speakers are Patrick Stoner & Innmate Paula Marantz Cohen.  Their topic—The Art and Practice of Interviewing.  Play Event

November 10 – Speaker is Corrinne Chong,  Her topic—Modigliani: Up Close, Behind the Scenes.  Play Event

November 3 – Speaker is George Boudreau,  His topic—Telling the Stories of Early American Women.  Play Event

October 27– Speaker is Gus Faucher, His topic— A Booster Shot of Information on the Economy Play Event

October 13 – Speaker is Louis Natali, His topic— The Innocence Project: Exoneration, Prevention, Reform. Play Event

October 6 – Speaker is Peter Conn, His topic—Monuments and Memory: Versions of the American Past. Play Event

September 29 – Speaker is Charles McMahon, His topic—Tom Stoppard’s Travesties: Spinning Threads of Inspiration to Suit New Realities. Play Event

September 23 – Speaker is Jonathan Feinberg. His topic—Civil Rights Law, in Practice. Play Event

September 15 – Speaker is Kermit Roosevelt, His topic—United States v. One Book Called Ulysses: A View of Censorship in the 1920s, and Now in the 2020s. Play Event

June 30 – Speaker is Joe Jordan, His topic—Tales of Cape May Point, a Singular Jersey Shore Resort. Play Event

June 23 – Speaker is Edward Pettit. His topic—Dracula at 125. Play Event

April 28 – Speaker is Esther Hornik, Her topic—Charlotte Cushman: The Philanthropic Legacy of America’s First Celebrity Actress. Play Event

April 21 – Speakers are Ann de forest and Mickey Herr,   Their topic—Is Walking a Subversive Act? Play Event

April 14 – Speaker is Michael Levy,  His topic—Cyberlaw: Privacy Rights in Our Digital Age. Play Event

March 24 – Speaker is Cyndi Reed Richards,  Her topic—Bridging the Big Divides: Inside Out, Sid by Side.  Play Event

March 10 – Speakers are former Philadelphia Inquirer editor Bill Marimow and Innmate Dan Rottenberg.   Their topic—A More Perfect Union: The Inquirer Examines Founding Ideals and Institutional Realities, Starting with Itself.  Play Event



Club dinners: Dinners generally are held on the first Thursday and third Friday of the month: Cocktails at 5:30pm, speaker at 6:15pm, dinner at 7pm.


January: Annual Business Meeting of the general membership followed by the J. William White Dinner with toasts to Dr. White, our founder, as well as to first president S. Weir Mitchell and to Benjamin Franklin (on an evening closest to Benjamin Franklin’s birthday, January 17th).

Summer: Picnic usually at the home of an Innmate.

December: Holiday Lunch, featuring Fish House Punch, beginning at 11:30am.