Benjamin Franklin: Achievements & Contributions


Hand Swim Flippers (1720)
1st US Copperplate Press (’27)
Pennsylvanian Stove (1741)
US Political Cartoons (’47/’54)
Electric Storage Battery (1749)
Lightning Rod (1751)
Flexible Urinary Catheter (’52)
4-Paned Street Lamp (1756)
Phila. Streets Paved (1756)
24-Hr., 3-Wheeled Clock (’57)
Glass Armonica (1762)
Gulf Stream (1st named & described correctly, 1769)
Smokeless Coal Stove (1771)
Postal Odometer (1775)
Bifocals (1784)
Daylight Saving Time (1784)
Long Arm, Library Chair & Fanning Rocking Chair (’86)
Improved Copy Machine (’86)

Major Documents

Albany Plan of Union (1754)
Articles of Confederation (’75)
Decl. of Independence (1776)
PA’s 1st Constitution (1776)
Treaty of Paris (1781-1783)
US Constitution (1787)
Institutions Co-Founded
The Junto (1727)
Library Company (1731)
Union Fire Co. (1st in US, ’36)
Amer. Philosophical Soc. (’43)
PA Hospital (1st public hospital in US, 1751)
Academy of PA (now, University of PA, 1751)
Phila. Contributionship for the Insurance of Houses from Loss by Fire (oldest extant in US, ’52)
PA Militia (now, PA National Guard, 1764)
Phila. Soc. for Alleviating the Miseries of Public Prisons (’87)

Honors, Hon. Degrees

Copley Medal, Royal Society (London, 1753)
M.A.’s, Harvard & Yale (1753)
Fellow, Royal Society (London, 1756)
M.A., Wm & Mary (1756)
Ph.D, Univ. of St. Andrews (Scotland, 1759)
D.Civ.Law, Oxford (1762)
Member, Royal Academy of Sciences (Paris, 1772)
Member, Royal Academy of History (Madrid, 1784)
Member, Imperial Academy of Sciences & Arts (St. Petersburg, 1789)

Offices Held

Clerk, PA Assembly (1736-1751)
Deputy Postmaster-Gen’l of Philadelphia (1737-1753)
Member, Phila. City Council (1748-1751)
Member, PA Assembly (1751-1764)
Deputy Postmaster-General of (British) North America (1753-1756)
PA Delegate to Albany Congress (1754)
Co-Postmaster Gen’l of (Br.) North America (1756-1774)
Lobbyist for PA, GA, NJ. MA w/ British Gov’t (1757-1774)
Speaker, PA Assembly (1763)
Postmaster-General of the United Colonies (1775-1776)
PA Delegate: 2nd Continental Congress (1775-1776)
US Ambassador to France (1776-1785, official in 1778)
President of PA Executive Council (now, Governor of Pennsylvania, 1785-1788)
PA Delegate: Constitutional Convention (1787)
President of Pennsylvania Society for Promoting the Abolition of Slavery, and the Relief of Free Negroes Unlawfully Held in Bondage (1788-1790)
Author: Andrew Connally, Historian